Back-to-back: How France could repeat in 2022.

The 2018 Fifa World Cup has been regarded as the best World Cup ever. From all the late goals to the incredible penalty shootouts to the incredible celebrations, the 2018 Fifa World Cup was magical. In the final, the French National team proved that they deserved to hoist the trophy and while many past champs have struggled to repeat, this French team showed signs at a chance of possibly repeating as champions in 4 years in the country of Qatar.

A Young Core 


The French National team featured a team with the average age of 26 years old, the second youngest in the World Cup, and the best young player in the tournament in Kyllian Mbappe, 19 years old. This team is headlined by young such as Mbappe, 25 years old Paul Pogba and Raphel Varane, and 27-year-old Antoine Griezmann. What exactly does this show for the French team? This shows that the team has the youth, athleticism, skill, and leadership to continue to dominate the whole tournament. What many views as inexperience the French viewed as a window of opportunity for years to come. The average soccer player hits his prime between the ages of 27 and 30, and this French team won the World Cup with an average age of 26. In 4 years the French team will still have its stars along with whatever new talent appears in the next 4 years.


Championship DNA


Prior to winning the World Cup, the French National team featured players who have won tournaments all over the world. The teams resume features players with wins in, La Liga, Seria A, Ligue 1, the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, and other major trophies. Aside from championship players, French manager Didier Deschamps won a World Cup as part of the 1998 French National team that won the countries first ever World Cup. This is a team that knows what it takes to win a championship and is willing to make sacrifices in order to do whatever it takes to win. Now that this team has won a World Cup it is in the driver seat to repeat in 4 years with its core and the rising talent in France.


 Unsung Heroes


The 2018 France roster was headlined by big names but in reality the effort and pull by certain players helped push the French National team over the top. Defender Benjamin Pavard was a relatively unknown player who landed as a starter on the French National team, and this was a move that very well paid off. Pavard not only scored a beauty to tie the game up versus Argentina but he consistently played top-class defense off the wing and pushed the French team off the back end. Aside from Pavard, Chleases N’golo Kante played phenomenally and was tasked with defending the best midfield players of the opposing team and he got the job done against the likes of Leonel Messi, Luka Modric, Kevin De Bruyne, and Christian Eriksen. While Kante is considered by many as the best midfielder in the Premier League, he was overshadowed by the immense talent of the French roster. These two players showcased what a team needs to win, players who perform when called upon, we shall see who will take over as the unsung heroes for France in 2022 as they seek to repeat as World Cup Champions in Qatar.


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