Sink or Swim : Can Derek Jeter Save the Marlins

August 18, 2017

In a way, Derek Jeter has always symbolized Miami The cool, calm demeanor. The laid back smile that became his trademark over the years. The extravagent lifestyle that has become a staple of daytime gossip shows and sportscenter alike. Jeter’s personality is needed now more than ever to revive a franchise haunted by a crippling lack of identity and a struggle to show even the most die hard fans any…


No Stanton, No Sale: How Giancarlo Stanton will led to a major sale of the Marlins.

July 29, 2017

November 2014, the Marlins had another losing season on hand a decided it was time for some changes. The biggest change? A brand new 13 year deal worth around $325 Million, the largest deal in Major League Baseball (MLB) history for power hitting All Star Giancarlo Stanton. Many were unsure if Stanton was worth this massive deal, even Stanton was unsure if he should’ve signed the deal, but here we…


The Next Great Yankee? How Aaron Judge is bringing back the Yanks.

June 27, 2017

As many sports fans with a pulse probably already know, Aaron Judge is the biggest name in baseball right now, literally. The impressive 6’7″ outfielder not only towers above most other players, he is also outshining almost all of them. As you’re reading this right now, Judge leads the majors in homers (26) and  the American League in batting average (.330) as well as all-star voting with around 1.25 million votes. Earlier in…


Will Top Records Continue To Fall?

April 12, 2017

Will Top Records Continue to Fall? This is an argumentative piece written by Jordan Artzy and Pablo Rosero. Jordan Artzy writes in negation while Pablo Rosero writes in affirmation. What constantly fascinates sports fans alike is the fact that seemingly impossible human feats continue to be challenged everyday. Whether it is John Ross’ incredulous 40 yard dash, or Russell Westbrook’s 42 triple-doubles, top records in sports will continue to be…


What We Learned from the First Week of Baseball

Three Takeaways from MLB Week 1 1. The Underdog Teams are Eager to Make Statements Before the season began, most of us thought we had an accurate grasp on how teams would perform. After the first 7 days a lot of us are seeing those beliefs slowly disintegrate. “Why is that?” one oblivious spectator may ask. I’ll tell you that it is because teams like the Diamondbacks, Twins, and Marlins are…

April 10, 2017

MLB 2017 Expectations

April 3, 2017

American League Expectations AL East Champion: Boston Red Sox I’m going to begin this by congratulating the Red Sox on making one of the best trades of the offseason in their acquisition of Chris Sale. Sure they had to give up a very valuable prospect in Yoan Moncada, but with Price and Sale leading an already effective pitching staff, it seems like all it’s gonna take for this team to…


Theo Epstein is named Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leader, and We Agree.

March 26, 2017

On a list filled with some of the most influential members of the world, President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs Theo Epstein is named Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leader. When leaders such as Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, and John McCain are placed below Theo Epstein, then we know Epstein’s accomplishment of bringing a World Series title to Chicago was truly a feat for the ages.   So you may…


How the MLB is Becoming Less Boring

February 27, 2017

Baseball is considered America’s pastime. While I’m someone who could sit around and watch three baseball games in one day, the same cannot be said for the average American.  Now there’s no reason to trash on a game we all know and love. The game continues to produce stunning plays, competitive games, and creates superstar athletes. Unfortunately, many do not see the same about the game we’ve known and loved…