How the MLB is Becoming Less Boring

Rob Manfred, the current commissioner of the MLB.

Baseball is considered America’s pastime. While I’m someone who could sit around and watch three baseball games in one day, the same cannot be said for the average American.  Now there’s no reason to trash on a game we all know and love. The game continues to produce stunning plays, competitive games, and creates superstar athletes. Unfortunately, many do not see the same about the game we’ve known and loved since 1839.

Rob Manfred, the commissioner of Major League Baseball, is well aware that the average baseball game is ten minutes longer than the average football game, twenty minutes longer the average hockey game, and forty minutes longer than a normal basketball game. Manfred understands that the time it takes for a baseball game is significantly longer, and has proposed new methods to shortening the games.

Manfred has proposed very intriguing rules such as the Implementation of smaller strike zones, a twenty second pitch clock, along with auto-intentional base on balls. The commissioner believes that these rules with trim the amount of time that the average baseball game currently takes, and will provide a more competitive edge to the game.

While many fans seem to be interested in these new rules, the MLB Player’s Union is currently not interested. Manfred believes that implementation of new rules will not happen by the 2017-2018 season, due to surprising discontent from executives around the league. Many of these executives and managers are very cautious about change to the rules, due to the drastic changes that could affect playbooks, game plans, along with certain plays. Still, Manfred has the all the power he needs. By the 2018-2019 season, fans can expect to see a change in the rulebook including many of Manfred’s ideas to trim the game of baseball.

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