Sink or Swim : Can Derek Jeter Save the Marlins

In a way, Derek Jeter has always symbolized Miami

The cool, calm demeanor. The laid back smile that became his trademark over the years. The extravagent lifestyle that has become a staple of daytime gossip shows and sportscenter alike.

Jeter’s personality is needed now more than ever to revive a franchise haunted by a crippling lack of identity and a struggle to show even the most die hard fans any signs of fun in the city known for its brazen lifestyle.

Its almost weird to say that a New Yorker is trying to bring the Miami back to the Marlins. After years of downright disgraceful behavior and borderline theft under the previous regime of Jeffery Loria,however, fans are jovial about the potential of the new ownership group headed by Miami mogul Ben Sherman and Derek Jeter. Jeter in particular is vocal on his views inject a new sense of entertainemt into a sport which has become dill in the eyes of children and teens, a key demographic for Major League Baseball. With Jeter’s possession of the Marlins come a curious storyline to look forward too: Does Jeter fo whats best for the team in the long term or does he sacrifice long term prosperity for an oppurtunity to make a big splash?

This conundrum is personified by the Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors. The 27 year old outfielder is currently hitting at a torrid pace and is enjoying a career year at the plate with 44 home runs as of this writing and a .646 slugging percentage. The issue with Stanton has nothing to do with the stats but with the contract (11 years/ 285 million) and a bare farm system that could possibly employ little leaguers that would make the AAA team.In Stanton Jeter must make his first real decision: Trade Stanton to bolster the paper thin farm system, essentially beginning a multi season rebuild the likes of which Loria was never able to pull the trigger on or retool around Stanton in hopes of fielding a contender within the next couple seasons.

The choice is up to Jeter and with Bleacher Report already claiming that the Marlins are fielding offers for the superstar outfielder it’s clear that unlike Loria, Jeter is willing to look at all avenues before proceeding on a rash course of action.

The fanbase in Miami is disillusioned yet has a loyal core which can be awoken with a commitment to a plan that is not only rational but obtainable as well. Loria failed miserably because he had his own interests at heart before the teams but if Jeter can utilize the savvy he used as a player as an owner, Miami could be a team on the rise.

Maybe just maybe then a New Yorker will actually bring the Miami back to the Marlins

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